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Paroles de Speedy speed boy

Speedy Speed Boy - gasoline's burnin' in
Speedy Speed Boy - as fast as I can be
Speedy Speed Boy - every night and day
Wind is on my face

(Speedy Speed Boy)
(Speedy Speed Boy)

Running with my car
Running in my dreams every night... Night
Born to overtake
Born to race and to overdrive... Drive

Engine's over the red degrees
And my
Heart beats as much as I can breathe
But I
Don't want claim any stop
They wanna say I'm quitting... (Quitting)

refrain (2x)

Squealing off the tyres
skidding to the left and the right... Right
My step on the brakes,
rear vision, mirror to spy... Spy


refrain (2x)

(Speedy Speed Boy woa oh woa oh)
(Speed Boy Speed Boy woa oh woa oh)
(Speedy Speed Boy woa oh woa oh)
(Speed Boy Speed Boy woa oh woa oh)

(Night... night)
(Drive... drive)
(Stop... Quitting)
(Boy... Boy... Boy... Boy... Boy... Boy)

Speedy Speed Boy...

(Boy... Boy... Boy... Boy... Boy... Boy)





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