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Paroles de 5Oul On D!Splay

Eyes got shut
I dissipate
Into thin air leaving no trace
Distant voice
Not listening
Why don't you just save your breath
All of your words feel like a jail
That blocks the sun and make me stale
Not enough gold in all the world
So why have I surrendered

To your abusive ways
The cracks have opened up to the core
Is there anywhere to go from here now
Sick with the lies consuming our souls

Give me one reason
to take the breath we breathe for granted
Hold it in so long that you forget to say
Give me one reason
to remain confined within the fances
Here with you and my soul on display

Bite my tongue
Swallow the pain
A bit disturbed by these displays
Now we've got nothing to say
The silence growing deadly
So here we are drifting apart
Neither willing to drop their guard
Haven't we got something to say?
The distance growing deadly

From years and years of pain
The cracks go deeper than we can see
Let's take a good look at we are now
Maybe the end's the start that we need


Life is too precious to waste


Life is too precious to waste


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